AngeloNewProfileMy name is Angelo (My Linkedin Profile) and I'm a Business Analyst!

My goal and the goal of this website, is to be the most bad-ass business analysis professional there is and I plan to do it by working smart, not hard. More importantly I'm gonna have fun doing it!

At my core, my passions are efficiency and effectiveness, in everything I do. That's not to say I'm not willing to work hard and put the time in, but I won't do that, until I know I'm doing it right, which sometimes means more work, and more effort than the next guy.

Good is never enough.

I am a firm believer that I can always be better than my current self and so can anybody else. There is always opportunity for improvement. ALWAYS! ... And if I am not taking the opportunity to get better, someone else will be, and that is who will be soon receiving my pay check. That "insecurity"  compells me do a lot of research about my role, and what it really means to be good at it.

I'm a little lazy.

Just like most people, I can spend all day doing things I like, and I do things I don't like only as much as necessary. What many people don't get is that some things just have to be done, in order to not do them. Here is a good real life example. If you hate going to the doctor and hospitals, then never going isn't the right way to avoid it. Instead you go once a year to get an annual physical to assess your health, so you can adjust your habits incase you are going down hill. Otherwise you might become aware of a condition too late, and end up hospitalized or on a ridiculous regiment of medication for an extended period. I try do the same with my work. Do it well now and don't do it again later.

I like to have fun.


I make work fun. Remember folks, fun is subjective. That means, things aren't inherently fun, you decide what is fun and what isn't. This means you too can make work more fun. Challenge yourself, make it a game, with points, and it will be fun.  Not just your job, but life in general. Make it a game, with challenges and achievements. You might be thinking, "well life is pretty serious" and I'd invite you too look at how serious gamers take their games. (They also tend to get pretty good at said games, so why not use that passion to get good at LIFE).