Business Analysis Skill Training Courses That Will Make You A More Effective BA

I'm always on the hunt for training to become a better and more skilled business analyst. Sometimes you have to step away from the traditional and explore more creative, and sometimes more effective ways to build your skills. Below is a list of courses designed to help you in developing critical skills that will make you a more efficient and effective business analyst.

1. Business Analysis Skills Essentials (25% Off)

BA Competencies Covered: Analytical Thinking, Problem Solving, Learning, Creative Thinking, Verbal Communication, Written Communication, and Meeting Facilitation

The goal of this course is to quickly improve your efficiency as a business as a business analyst by giving you quick and easy shortcuts and techniques that you can implement immediately. 

2. Mind Mapping Mastery in Just 90 Minutes 

BA Competencies Covered: Analytical Thinking, Problem Solving, Learning, and Creative Thinking

Mind mapping boosts your ability to quickly learn and understand new domains. This allows you to see things from multiple and angles to help you come up with more creative ways to solve the issue and make better decisions regarding the issue. Basically, fewer defects from requirements.

3. Meeting Management Skills: Manage Meetings Better In One Day

BA Competencies Covered: Meeting Facilitation

Poorly run meetings are a typically very inefficient and most people see them as a waste of time. Sadly most meetings are run pretty poorly. Be the exception and you'll see your career take off in amazing ways. 

4. Browse the full Catalog of Business Analysis Skills Training Courses.

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