Can A Skilled Business Analyst Do Better Than An Experienced Business Analyst?

Many Experienced Business Analysts...

...rely on their experiences to help them on the job. These business analyst may come from other related areas (Developers, Project Managers, or a Business Unit). Too often they don't bother ever going back to work on the true business analysis skills they may not have ever trained on. The result is your average experienced business analyst, still lacks some key skills to really produce high quality, industry standard deliverables and work products. 

New Business Analyst On the Other Hand...

... have no previous experience to lean on.  Maybe a few basics, but in general, you have a lot to gain, and only a short period of time before your performance is going determine whether you are a keeper at your company. The mistakes you make in the beginning will be over looked, but that won't last forever, and you won't have any experience to fall back on. Your lack of experience, if you are motivated enough, might force you to channel other ways to become a competent business analyst.


Great Business Analysts Don't Need Years of Experience to Be High Performers...

While  experience takes times, and there isn't much you can do about that. Skills come from practice, and luckily for you, practice is something that can be done efficiently and effectively to allow you to gain and use the skills fast. Like REALLY fast.

So what kinds skills are we talking about?

  • The ability to learn, analyze, and associate information quickly and easily
  • The ability to transform abstract ideas into digestible and easily understandable material
  • The ability to quickly build trust and rapport with your stakeholders

All with little to no experience. 


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