Can Business Analysis Help Make You Sexier? Yes. Yes it can?

Sexier Business Analyst_FotorOne thing that I learned long before I became a business analyst is that good practices based on solid principles can be easily recognized, because they can apply to many things. For me, "In a perfect world principles" are NOT a solid principles, because there is no perfect world. For me a good principle works in the real world and takes into account real people, with real emotions, and real weaknesses. 

People who are true business analyst at their core will see the opportunity and potential that the core principles we are taught as business analyst can be retro-fitted into a more efficient, productive, and all around sexy life style. Today, rather than talking about being a better business analyst, we're going to talk about using business analysis to be a better you!

2 Common BA Concepts I Use to Be the Best Me EVER...

1. Kanban for a Killer Body

Kanban is about using visual cues to help keep you focused and on track. If your goal is getting in better shape. For example, if you want to work out 4 times a week. Every week you can have 4 marks in the "not done" zone and move a mark into the "done" zone every time you complete a workout. You'll have a visual reminder every day of how good, or not good you are doing. For extra motivation, put it in a public place, so everyone is holding you accountable (super effective!!!)


2. Agile Fitness Methodology

Agile is all about being able to adjust to real life and model work they way people function. If you treat your fitness goals like a SCRUM project, you have an overall goal, like losing 15lbs for example. That's the long term. You break that goal into sprints. For example sprint 1, work out 3 times doing YouTube HIIT routines. At the end of the week, you measure and see how you did, how effective it was, make adjustments for the next sprint. This way, you never feel the weight of a long goal and you don't get yourself stuck doing something that doesn't work. You only working towards the end of the week and every week you measure how effective you have been. If what you are doing isn't working, than you have to adjust! 

Do you have other example of how business analysis has made you more kick-ass in real life?

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