Practice Test

How familiar are you with the standards of business analysis practice and the thought process that are commonly accepted as best practices? Take this little quiz and find out (only 5 questions, I'm not that cruel)

  • You have 10 Minutes
  • Only 5 Questions
  • Take it as many times as you'd like, just remember that you won't always get the same 5 questions
    • Hit [Enter] from the address bar to retake the test (hitting refresh resubmits your test answers)

(These questions are from the practice test that come with CBAP Certification Study Guide w/ Test Engine CD, which contains quizzes for each section as well as four 50-question practice tests)

Note: This quiz really is an indicator of how likely you are to pass the CCBA or CBAP exams, and doesn't necessarily reflect your abilities as a business analyst.


Business Analyst Knowledge Quiz