This quiz really is an indicator of how likely you are to pass the CCBA or CBAP exams, and doesn't necessarily reflect your abilities as a business analyst.

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CCBA/CBAP Business Analysis Knowledge Quiz

You are currently evaluating the existing solution to see what will be done about the ongoing work during implementation. You discover that your users will be actively using the old solution at the time that the new solution is implemented. What option would you NOT consider to manage this ongoing work?
You and your team are currently completing your enterprise analysis work for a proposed project. You are evaluating issues with the current solution. Which task are you performing?
Which business analysis stakeholder role is often filled by knowledgeable end users or indirect users of a new solution?
Which elements should you focus on when analyzing the impacts of a new solution on a particular stakeholder group?
What term defines a set of requirements or features that have been identified as candidates for potential implementation, prioritized, and estimated?