Why Being An Average Business Analyst Is Just Not Good Enough…

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I came across an interesting report published by IAG. It was essentially a report about the goings on of projects, but then I came across something that was interesting. You can see the image below, but to summarize, it basically says average analysts fail most of the time on larger and more important projects. More than 60% of the time to be exact. 

So... what does this mean for you?

Well, in my business stat class, way back when, we learned about something called the bell curve (or normal curve), which basically just quantifies the idea that there will be way more business analyst that will fall closer to average than above average. If we put 2 and 2 together, this actually means, that there is a huge chance that if you are a business analyst and your reading this, you probably aren't that effective when the going gets tough (ouch right?)


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To me, this means one thing only. I have to do whatever it takes to be above average, and if you browsed my blog before, you can see that I've already started doing just that (check out Expert Business Analyst and the BA Reading List). For you, it means good luck catching up to me (yup, that's a challenge, will you take it?). Seriously though, have you considered what it takes to be a more than averagely capable business analyst? What steps have you taken? I want to hear about it, leave your comments below.


IAG Business Analyst Report

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