Can you  prove that you have the skills required to get the job done right?

What skills are we talking about...

  • The ability to learn, analyze, and associate information quickly and easily
  • Ability to transform abstract ideas into digestable and easily understandible material

The Meta BA Challenge Has Arrived!

For too long we haven't had a quality measurement of quality business analysis. Multiple choice tests measure your ability to recite knowledge, but now it's time to test your ability to execute!

The Meta BA Challenge forces you to display your abilities and competencies as a business analyst, not as a multiple choice test taker. This is an opportunity to

  • Test your skills and see how you compare to other business analyst

  • Get recognition for your business analysis skills & competencies 

Remember, this isn't a measure of your experience, its a measure of your ability, so even a brand new BA has a chance to come out on top! 

This challenge consists of 1 multi-part task that will test your ability to learn, problem solve, and communicate effectively. You will have access to the challenge online for 2 weeks, but you can save complete your challenge anytime before the October 31st deadline. 

Some of the challenges may require diagramming or modeling of some type. If you don't currently have the tools, see our article on free downloadable and online business analysis tools.

Join the the Ranks of Meta Business Analyst

Get recognized for your skills and be the first in the Meta Business Analyst Hall of Fame 

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Meta Business Analyst Challenge

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