A Good Reason Why Your Role As Business Analyst is Already A Waste Of Time! Sorry…

Companies have shown that the role of the business analyst has increasingly become more of a bottleneck than a source of value. Several companies have opted to do away with the business analysis role and have had very interesting results. As it turns out,  I'm totally joking about all of that. Seriously, I'm just kidding. I just wanted to make a quick point about human nature. People are defensive about the things they believe to be important or to be a part of them. Which is really important to understand when you are interacting with other people as a business analyst.

If you are like most people (and happen to be a business analyst), you were likely already preparing to defend and counter any points I made about why a business analyst is a waste of time. Regardless of how valid or true my points were going to be. It's CRITICALLY important to understand this in your role as a business analyst when dealing with other people. In many cases, you will need to inspire others to accept change whether it's a new process or new tool. Telling them their current process sucks might be a very bad idea!

People can take pride in what they do, and insulting something that has been a part of them for years, is almost like insulting them personally. Your best bet is to focus on and remind them of the importance and value of what they do already, and how your tool or new process enhances that importance and value. 

This was just a quick tidbit while it was on my mind and I thought I should have fun with it.  Understanding this is important for approvals, negotiations, facilitation, as well as keeping healthy/happy relationships (home and office).

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