I don't care "What You Know," 

I want to see "What You Can Do"

The Meta Business Analyst challenge will test your business analysis skills across several BA competenecies that fall within analytical thinking, communication, and software applications skills.

This is NOT a measure of your experience, it is a measure of your ability.  A brand new BA has a chance to come out on top, and an experience, but less than spectacular BA might do poorly. This challenge consists of 1 comprehensive task which you must complete by April 30th. You will have access to the challenge online for 2 weeks, but you can save and work on completeing your challenge until the April 30th deadline. The sooner you sign up, the more time you'll have to come out on top!

Are You Qualified?

Before you can continue on, you must first pass the qualifying evaluation to make sure your not wasting your time and mine. This is prove you have the basic reasoning skills that will be required to have a chance at winning. You can take the qualifying exam as many times as you likd. The quiz is timed, but I still recommend taking your time and thinking through each question. 

Meta BA Qualifying Evaluation


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