UX Journal: Mobile Usability Testing Assignment

This is a pretty exciting topic this week, well at least for me, because its one that I knew very little about before now. Most of my readings and research have always been around desktop websites and mobile websites pose such a different challenge that I find it refreshing to read about.  As the reading suggests (Mobile Usability by Jakob Neilson and friends), you cannot assume that a desktop application will just work on mobile. Not only are the screens sizes different, but so are the behaviors. The entire interaction is different.

For this weeks assignment we will be pretending to be a company that has already made that poor and soon to be costly assumption, and I as a part of the UX team is tasked to propose how we should go about fixing this before it becomes a bigger issue. The project is specifically to collect information (conduct some user testing) around the mobile user experience. This will require different tools, different software, and different hardware that was ever used before and we'll hopefully gain insights into the new platform that we were never aware of.

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