UX Journal: Selling Usability and Yourself to Your Company

This week, I had to submit my final selling usability assignment, which was simply an email response to a fake management email. The assignment was to use the newly gained knowledge from Selling Usability by John Rhodes. The book it self was an easy read, and very light in terms of style. Very easy to grasp.

The reading, for me anyway, had one critical and key take away: The value of user experience design/analysis/research is not user experience design/analysis/research. Meaning, your company is in business to make money. So your focus at the highest level should be on how your skills, knowledge, and decisions will contribute to the bottom line. As you work and communicate with individuals, then your focus again shouldn't be on how important and useful what you do is, but how what you do can help them accomplish what they do. Whether its a sales person, your manager, the CEO, or developers, you need to focus on how your work will enrich their lives. When you can do that effectively, your job suddenly becomes very secure.

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