UX Mobile Usability Testing Part 2

This week we were asked to design a usability study at a fictional company. This time around it was for mobile usability study meaning we had to see how users were using smartphones and tablets. As you can see from my sketch, I chose to mimic how users actually use mobile devices as much as possible, so I moved away from the desk/desktop model and went for the comfy chair.

We were also given a bunch of links and resources to usability stuff. My favorite was the Loopback app that basically allows you to do the same kind of testing from a desktop (screen recording and face recording) from your phone. Super valuable for anybody wanting to do mobile testing. My next favorite were the glasses from Tobii because you can use them for basically all testing. They track the users eyes and record basically their exact point of view. You can use them for mobile, but they are also great for testing things like supermarket interactions, driving, etc. 


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