Video: My Experience Using Blueprint Systems for Requirements Management


A video about my experience using Blueprint Requirements Management Software. If you take the time to really build your skills as a business analyst, then this tool can change your life!

If you already have a good idea of why a requirements management tool is valuable go ahead and skip to 8:45 to get to the interface stuff.

Watch the video on Youtube Here: 



4 thoughts on “Video: My Experience Using Blueprint Systems for Requirements Management”

  1. Hi Angelo, thanks for this great video.  We just got Blueprint after it became apparent managing requirements with Word was not the way to go.


    Could you mentionned a link to how you like to structure your project and requirement structure.  Could you please provide this link to get an idea of how I could set up my first project with business requirements, stakeholder requirements, solution requirements, use cases, mockups etc?


      1. Hello Angelo, I loved this review by you on the blueprint. I have been trying to learn a lot abou this tool as a BA a tool for BA's looks magical. I wanted to know if you could do a tutorial on loading requirements onto the repository and making changes to it. Hoping you will respond to me.


        Thank you,


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