What is a Business Analyst and What Do They Actually Do: Job Description and Salary Breakdown

I thought I should include some basic information about business analyst  in the event a curious wanderer stumbles upon this site, and has no clue what its all about! I wanted to explain the following

  • What is a business analyst?

  • What does a business analyst do?

This concept map illustrates at a high level, the role of the business analyst and the part they play in the business landscape. 

Business Analyst Concept Map

The video below gives a great, simple man's explanation, of what business analysis is all about. Below that are some sample ranges, as well as links to Salary.com's business analysis salary information. An important thing to remember is that, titles can vary across companies and you should remember that many of the titles revolve around the same role (business analyst). Example alternate titles: business systems analyst, functional analyst, requirements analyst, etc ! There are also pathways business analyst can take that become larger or become more specialized, like enterprise architect or business process analyst. Both are common pathways for business analyst, so I included them

Business Analyst Job Description

A Business Analyst (BA) is someone who analyzes the existing or ideal organization and design of systems, including businesses, departments, and organizations. BAs also assess business models and their integration with technology. -Wikipedia

Business Analyst Salaries (USD)

Business Analyst Junior Level Salary: $41,000 to $65,000

Business Analyst Mid Level Salary: $52,000 to $87,000

Business Analyst Senior Level Salary (Level III and IV): $62,000 to $110,000

Related Jobs

Business Process Consultant Salary: $76,000 to $124,000

Enterprise Architect Salary: $86,000 to $140,000

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