What is a Meta Business Analyst?

Meta (from the Greek preposition μετά =  "beyond"  commonly used to indicate a concept which is an abstraction from another concept, used to complete or add to the latter!

Did you know that there are 20 different generally accepted BA competencies, (things that you should be able to do well) that make you a strong business analyst? If this was a battle, it would be like being able to move fast, hit hard, and read your opponents, which aid in a warrior's primary tasks, which revolve around winning battles. I like to call them meta abilities (cause it sounds cool), but they are the competencies that make you a more effective warrior; without them, well, you won't survive long as a warrior business analyst.

It's Time to Prepare For Battle!

We all know what a business analyst does.  We are the "go-between" of the business and the development team that uses techniques and task to create value. We all knew that because that's what Wikipedia tells us. Unfortunately knowing "what" a business analyst does, won't make you a great analyst, just like knowing what a basketball player does won't make you a pro level athlete.

What if you could train yourself to perform better than the average business analyst at our core business analysis task? What if you could train your brain to go further than just completing the task, but to kick butt in that task! To go beyond just writing requirements, but creating value with every interaction. 

Okay, So How We Become Better and More Effective Competitive Business Analyst?

Easy. We start from the basics, break down the core skill of the most effective business analysts, and then we take those skills, habits, and competencies and find short-cuts that help you to rapidly gain, perfect, and master those skills. 

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