This site is made free to the the business analyst community for 3 primary reasons:

  1. There is too much emphasis on degrees, certifications, and titles and not the skills and competencies to really do the job right.
  2. Most resources are more concerned with selling their tool, training, or products instead of providing actionable information (which I don't think is wrong, if that's your business)
  3. Not everybody has access/funds for expensive training programs, and sometimes people just want to understand before they invest in those programs.

However, despite all of those things, this blog isn't free to produce or maintain. I takes time and it does cost money to have up and running. In order to offset those costs, there are Google Ads around the site. Clicking something that interest you cost you nothing, and will earn me a few cents, and a few cents can add up and over the course of a year, pay for some of the hosting costs.

However, do NOT click on things just to help me out. As much as I'd appreciate it, it cost someone out there money everytime it's clicked, so to be fair to everyone, only click on things if they genuinely interest you.

About the Ads themselves.

While I can choose the placement of the advertisements, their actual content is determined by Google and their magical algorhithms that determine what you might be interested in. I basically have no control over what you may or may not see. Occassionally, I'll include links to recommended books from Amazon. I only get a commission if you choose to purchase, so for that reason, I only include links to books I've personally read and gained from.

Remember, if you have a problem with the ads. You have every right to not click 'em!

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